Business and Technology Leadership Institute of South Africa


Upcoming Events

Sexual harassment in the work place

19th September 2018
Men and women alike suffer everyday in our organisations…. read more

Building an effective personal digital brand and presence

10th October 2018
We are all part of the digital community and our digital identities… read more

Masterclass For Investment Bankers

15th November 2018
Financial services organizations are amongst the most generators and users of data.  Market scenario rising cost… read more

Harare Conference

28th – 29th November 2018
This conference will showcase Data use cases and techniques hat drive the greatest business value… read more

Women Leadership Masterclass

10th December 2018
This International Human Rights Day event is organised by BTLISA in partnership  with The House of Pearls… read more

Big Data Masterclass For Executives

6th – 7th March 2019 
In this conversational masterclass, led by experienced Executives… read more